Aurora Mateos

Aurora Mateos is a playwright and writer. She is member of the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain

Aurora combines writing with her career as international lawyer. She has been legal adviser and project manager at UNESCO/IOC (Paris) for over a decade and Dean of the Marbella International University Center. She has also been working for several years for several human rights and environmental law organizations, such as the ITF (London).

She is considered one of the emerging Spanish playwrights in various international drama research papers, inter alia those published in the ESTRENO magazine (USA) or the University Autonoma of México. The author´s plays have been subject to numerous research studies undertaken by some re-known worldwide academics like professor Styl Rodarelys (University of Athens), Candyce Leonard (Wake Forest University, USA), Manuela Fox (University of Trieste, Italy), John P. Gabriele (The College of Wooster, USA).

Among Aurora´s mentors and teachers are Ignacio del Moral, Ernesto Caballero, Santiago Martín Bermúdez, Fermín Cabal, Antonio Onetti, Raúl Hernández, Peter Coy, Robert McKee or Alan Ayckbourn.

Aurora regularly conducts workshops and lectures, like at the Ibero-American drama forum (Huelva, 2005), VPSI Conference (USA, 2008 and 2010), Voces a escena (Malaga 2010), Cervantes Institute (Budapest, 2012), Spanish Cultural Center of Saint Petersburg (2017).

Her publications include: “Friend at midnight” (2005, 2016 in Hungarian), “Water” (2005, 2007 in Mexico); “The suicide of the angel” (2007, 2008 in English and 2016 in Hungarian and French), “Niño Mundo” (2015, in English and Spanish), “Amato Raffaello” (2016). Her short plays have been published in several numbers of the collection “El tamaño no importa” by the Spanish Playwrights Guild (Madrid), besides the magazine “Estreno” of the United States and the Iaspis Publisher in Greece.

Her plays have been performed at national and international level (Spain, USA, Greece, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina etc) and have been translated into English, French, Italian, Russian and Hungarian.

Aurora has been a finalist in the most important drama awards in Spain and received the Martin Award 2007.

Her website is: