The midnight friend



Silvia, Valentina and Marieta share a flat. Marieta, a young university student, is dumped by her boyfriend, and goes to pieces. To cope with her pain, she invents the perfect boyfriend, following the same psychological process of creating an imaginary friend that children use when they are lonely. Ángel, the knight in shining armour, recreates the Pygmalion myth for the twenty-first century. The comedy provides an opportunity to discuss the relationship between men and women, a discussion of misunderstanding, of a mutual lack of comprehension and of solitude in contemporary society.


3 characters
3 female roles
3 actresses


2005: Published by publisher “La Avispa”
2005: Stage reading at the “Casa de América”, Madrid
2009: Performed for the first time by the theatre company “Pendientesdeunhilo”, in Barcelona


This work has been copyrighted. Any form of reproduction, distribution, publication, performance and reworking is strictly forbidden, except as set out in the law, or with the explicit consent of Aurora Mateos. Any violation of this copyright can be considered a crime against intellectual property, and may incur the appropriate administrative and civil penalties.


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