Suicide of an angel



Two university students fall in love. They should not, because even in our times a young Arab (Aicha) cannot fall peacefully in love with a Jew (Ilan), and vice versa. The story happens not in Verona but in the ‘Petit théâtre de guerre’, in Paris. The wall that separates the two cultures puts pressure not only on the couple’s relationship, but even on Ilan’s mental health.
Inspired by true events.


4 characters
1 male role, 1 female role, 2 male and female roles
4 players


2006: VIII Martin Recuerda Award;
2007: Workshop production, Hanmer Theatre, USA;
2007: Public reading at Alhambra Theatre (Granada);
2008: Published by the Government of Granada;
2009: Public Reading at the First Congress of Performing Arts of the Province of Málaga;
2009: Published by the Provincial government of Málaga (as part of the collection of New Playwriting from Málaga);
2010: Dramatic reading and discussion, in the series ‘Theatre Lyrics’ (Málaga);
2012: Production by Mu Theatro, Echegaray (Málaga) (opening on 27 January).



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El Imparcial


Theatre Company Mu Teatro
Hamner Theatre

Spanish version 
Italian version Cap.1
French version
English version